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seiyuu/voice actors up to episode 18

Here's the list that I promised! It's not really complete, as I currently have no access to the episodes and thus can't look at the casts after every episode so these are mainly the few names provided by the TV Aichi website on their "episodes up til now" pages. Also, I ran the kanji of the voice actors' names through ANN to find them - there's the odd person who doesn't turn up anything, so voicing in Deltora Quest could possibly be their first "gig". That said, since I can't read their names, I left them in kanji.

I think that's about it. Onwards!

Main Characters
Lief - Ryosuke Sakamaki
Jasmine - Ayahi Takagaki
Barda - Yuusaku Yara
Filli - Chigusa Ikeda
Kree - Miyako Ito

From here on, characters are listed as they are at the TV Aichi website, depending on which episode they first appear.

Episode 1
Jarred - Hidetoshi Nakamura
Anna - Satsuki Yukino
Fallow - Masashi Ebara
the Shadow Lord - Banjou Ginga

Episode 2
Jasmine's mother - Kaho Kouda
"the grandfather tree" - Takashi Taniguchi

Episode 3
Gorl - Tesshou Genda

Episode 4
the guardian of the bridge - Katsuhisa Houki
Manus - Juni Majima

Episode 5
Nij/Jin - Shouto Kashii
Doj/Jod - ??? (真山 亜子)

... They switched their names.

Episode 6
Simone - Toshiko Maeda

I don't really remember a Simone in the books, but then again, minor character I think? *will go back to check again later*

Episode 7
Soldeen - Shozo Iizuka
Thaegan - either Toshiko Fujita or Yoshiko Fujita (both women have the same kanji for their name |D;)

Episode 8
Tom - Kenyuu Horiuchi
Ichabod - Daisuke Gouri
Doom Joker - Junpei Morita

Episode 9
Reece Rai - Hirofumi Nojima
Tira - Saki Nakajima

Episode 10
[no new characters/voices]

Episode 11
commander (not sure who this is) - Takayuki Kondou

Episode 12
Reeah - Kazuhiro Nakata

...Ah. Did they make Reeah male?

Episode 13
Jarred (young) - Sachi Matsumoto
Endon (young) - Takako Honda
Endon (20) - Hidetoshi Nakamura
Min - Noriko Uemura

Episode 14
Endon - Yasunori Matsumoto
Sharn - Haruhi Terada
Prandine - Masashi Ebara

Episode 15
Queen Bee (they just call her "old woman" |D;) - Junko Hori
Ferdinand (the guy who ran "Beat the Bird") - Chou
Neridah - Rie Kugimiya
Glock - Fumihiko Tachiki
Joanna - Miyako Ito
Orwen - ??? (阪口 候一)
Mother Brightly - Uko Tachibana

Episode 16
フェア - Tetsuharu Outa

I confess I have no idea who フェア (pronouced "fair") is, although the character page says that he's apparently the referee for the games and so may be an anime-only character.

Episode 17
[no new characters/voices]

Episode 18
Dain - Mitsuki Saiga

...Mitsuki Saiga ♥♥♥

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