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Y'all might be familiar with an anime convention called SMASH! happening this weekend. I just found out that the schedule was finally posted last week and, if you want look at the first image here, on the Sunday events ...

... they'll be screening Deltora Quest.

And according to the one of the con staff in the blog comments, it will have official subs from Cartoon Network.

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If only I lived in Sydney fffff damn North Queensland

But does this mean Deltora Quest is being licensed? :D
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Huh, that'd be odd, considering how Deltora Quest is a huge Australian book series, and they'd probably make a fair bit of money screening it over here. Oh well, we'll just have to wait and see~

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Yay SMASH! Too bad I can't make it, but hopefully it will give DQ some good publicity.

It would be interesting to go see it with official subs, particularly if it actually does get/is licensed, since the subbing groups are only up to 17 or so out of the 65 episodes..

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Pretty nifty! I'd love to see an official version of the DQ anime available to English speakers. Too bad I just can't see it doing very well here in America.