ext_37063 ([identity profile] aubergine-pilot.livejournal.com) wrote in [community profile] deltoraquest2009-10-14 09:39 pm
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*blows dust off the comm*

Um. Hi. My name's Jane, I'm an American and really bad at introductions, and I am here with a question for y'all.

While the anime made Lief a blond, the books have him described as dark-haired. On the off chance that one were to play him at one of the RPGs here on Livejournal, and not want to use anime!Lief as a played-by/icon source for book!Lief, what actor would y'all suggest using as a played-by? See, I'm not quite sure about using Anton Yelchin, as most of the internet now knows him as Pavel Chekov and there is a distinct lack of pictures of him in medievalish clothes. I'd appreciate any input anybody else might have!

(Yes, I might be picking Lief up somewhere once I get my hands on the books my library apparently doesn't have, and yes, I'd love canonmates.)

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