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Been digging around looking for info about when exactly Deltora Quest will be showing, and it looks like they've moved it to May 1st. ABC will also be showing it at the end of the year.

In the meantime! I do believe the first and second episodes are up for online viewing at the official website. Unfortunately, it has been through the usual kiddie anime dubbing process so the musics been changed and stuffs been cut out. This probably means we won't get Delta Goodrem singing one of the openings later ... Not sure how to feel about that.

If you're with Foxtel, apparently you can download the first episode here.

The first DVD will also be available via Madman in June. However, it seems unlikely it will come with the Japanese language track, soooo I'm wondering why they bothered officially subbing it for SMASH! last year. :\a

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...and it's region-locked up tight. AUSTRALIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA o9 Not like I wasn't expecting that, but it's still a bit frustrating.

Yes, yes, I know, "the usual kiddie anime dubbing process" is awful... but hey, Shaman King turned out reasonably watchable and that was 4Kids. Nobody can be worse than... that company, right?

gee, LJ, a notif would've been nice for this.

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I think so. I've tried everything I could think of (including using a proxy somewhere in Sydney) to try and get to it - I just get this "FAIL CONNECTION" screen with a distressed Grim on it... and apparently that happened to a friend of mine, too, so it's not just me. I'm crossing my fingers for youtube!

You have very valid points. Adding dialogue over silences is a pet peeve of mine - I've learned to deal with the fact that no kids' series is ever going to make it into English with its soundtrack intact. (On a related note - I do wish they'd bothered to release the OST for the anime over in Japan....) I guess I'm just glad we're finally getting it in English, and I'm willing to overlook a lot for that. I mean, I remember being twelve years old, watching the (GOD-AWFUL, but I didn't know it at the time!) dub of Escaflowne after school and saying to my best friend "Wouldn't it be awesome if these people made Deltora Quest a TV show?" Not that we got an anime quite of that quality, but still! It's something!

Regarding the fact that they showed it subtitled - maybe they'd just not been able to get it dubbed fast enough?

Also... well. Not that you did, but forgetting that this is a kids' series and prizing the "adultness" of anime is how we end up with fansubs like the one that inspired this fauxtivational poster (!

Edit because LJ accidentally a whole sentence.

And then I noticed that I had left one out. orz
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*definitely* not just you.

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I made a follow-up to it, too (! (Really wish I'd had a more ~evil~ screencap of Thaegan available, but that's the only one I managed to get before Veoh pulled everything down, and Youtube's quality is awful and Youku has that ugly pause button...)

Re: gee, LJ, a notif would've been nice for this.

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Keep trying. We were getting that fail message too, but my husband tried the clicking on the episode everyday (bless his stubborn heart) and today it finally worked for us!

We enjoyed the episode. But we came into it knowing that it had been altered. I'd say as far as anime that has been edited for kiddie tv goes it was done very well. Definitely had a Saturday morning cartoon feel... ^^;

Just to be safe, make sure when you register that you claim to be from somewhere in Australia. I don't know if that makes a difference, but that's what we did so I can't vouch for it working any other way).

warning: incoming capslock. and general incoherency, huzzah for US traditions concering birthday 21

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I wasn't expecting it anywhere near intact. Saturday morning cartoon feel is A-OK by me, at least it's good for the target audience! But holy hell, that's some generic opening music they've got there... I feel like I should be watching this back in the '90s. (I said that already, though.)

Hahaha. "New South Wales" represent? XD

Re: warning: incoming capslock. and general incoherency, huzzah for US traditions concering birthday

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Yay! And happy birthday!

We're giving a shout out "from" Melbourne, Victoria, LOL.

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Aw, shucks, thank you! ♥

Okay - second episode appears to be up, now, if you hadn't seen that it was already. (Couldn't get to it through the video part of the site, it just popped up on the Deltora page... I am bad at giving directions in real life and worse on the web, fml.) JASMINE'S VOICE DOESN'T MAKE MY EARS HURT, THIS IS A WONDERFUL OCCASION~ (She also sounds really familiar, but I can't put my finger on just where I've heard her before. Some videogame or other?)

Haha. Assuming you're actually in the US, then?

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Yeah, at first I wasn't quite sure, but I found myself liking Jasmine's voice by the end. Her banter was funny too.
Dunno what else her voice actor has done though.

Yep, I'm in the US too.

Heh heh, cute icon. Someone just got kissed by Neridah... XD

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Whoever she is, she's got Jasmine's attitude down! ("Laura Rushfeldt", according to the credits - given the IMDB listing for that name has no voice work, I'm wondering if that's not a non-union-work pseudonym for somebody else. I swear she sounds like Laura Bailey.) This voice cast is turning out way better than I'd expected.

I can't lie - Neridah sticking around is one of the things I really like about the anime. And that entire scene after she kissed him was just great. ("Why are you smiling like a pervert?!" &c.)