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Music? (Comm-locked due to download links.)

I started one of these posts at [livejournal.com profile] wildarms a while back and got some interesting responses... and despite CN Australia's streaming the anime (and ye gods! they take things down so fast!), this comm's still very, very quiet.

So, folks, tell me... what music reminds you of Deltora Quest? Doesn't have to be associated with specific characters or moments, could just be the series as a whole or a particular setting. Anything's cool.

Link lyrics, Youtube vids, downloads, whatever. I want to know if I'm the only one here who listens to loud European folk-rock!

Okay, so the first one isn't loud folk-rock at all. "The Book Of Love", as recorded by Rose Polenzani and Rose Cousins. Lyrics can be found here. Found it via a conversation in the comments of a Merlin vid a while back - it's free for distribution, and was recorded for a friend of the artists' wedding. This song has always seemed to me to fit Jasmine and Lief - finding a version with female vocals got me started on trying to assemble a fanmix for those two. It still isn't finished, but I figure I might as well share this song, at least!

-"Caput Draconis", by the folk-rock band Schelmish. No words and thus no lyrics. Yes, the title means "Head of the Dragon". I think that alone explains why the song made it into this post... and, well, this is the kind of music I picture shaking the rafters during one of those famous Broome parties. If somehow they were given electricity, I think they'd invent rock'n'roll and raves in short order....

-Gray Sublime Archon, by Eluveitie. Not so much the lyrics (which are here, for the curious) as the sound, and not so much a fit for a specific character or setting as just... IT IS A WALL OF PIPES AND BASS GUITAR AND SNARLING VOCALS. Rather more metal than folk-rock... it just fits. (Someday I'm going to write about Angry Teenage Boy Music and why I associate it with adventure-fantasy, in particular Deltora, but alas today is not that someday.)

It's late, here, and I'm getting tired, so for now just those three are going up. But, ah, if anyone wants more LOUD MUSIC WITH PIPES AND BASS AND SHOUTING, I've got plenty.

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