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Deltora dub mini-review!

I haven't had any opportunity to watch the anime dub since the first ep until today (I am very far behind, obviously) but, generic soundtrack aside, I'm actually okay with the English voice-acting and the script. Except the villains maybe: I'd expected a voice that was digitally altered to be very low and very eeeeevil for the Shadowlord.

The thing that struck me the most is that whoever wrote the scripts actually bothered to read up on the books. They changed "Joker"'s name back to Doom, for one; you also get some idea when you look at the episode titles (e.g. the episode I watched was titled "The Fight in Vetaksa Village" in Japanese, but it's called "Battle at Withick Mire" in the dub since that's what it's called in the books.) Colour me somewhat impressed! :)

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My stance on the dub is that it's exactly as 1980s-fantasy-adventure-cartoon-sounding as it should be, though I do miss the original music... so I guess we're in agreement, eh?

(On a related note - I am so glad the filler episodes after 52 aren't getting brought over.)


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I was glad about them not translating the filler episodes too. But they still went ahead and dubbed those extra Theagan ones. They were just unnecessary...