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According to ANN, the first volume of the Deltora Quest manga (where I believe most/all the character designs for anime originated from) is due out in July 2011.

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Yeah! I was kinda shocked. But happy. :)

If anyone wants a preview of it, DATS released chapter 1 a short while back. I also have a text translation of chapter 2.

The art takes a bit of getting used to, but I've enjoyed what I've read of the manga so far. The first volume covers the Jarred/Endon storyline.

deltora quest manga

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dude you know thay deltora quest was at first in 8 books then it was made into an anime so if they have the books why do they need manga?

deltora quest manga

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oh well it does not matter but i think there should be a live action verson you know like the seeker show now that would be awesom