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The TV Aichi website for the Deltora Quest anime has been updated again. There is another movie, with a much longer and satisfying preview of the anime - we get to see Jarred and Anna, Grey Guards, Jin and Jod, and then some. We also get to hear Lief, Jasmine and Barda. This movie is the yellow button right at the bottom.

There's also a movie of/message from Emily Rodda (it's dubbed over in Japanese, but if you listen hard you can kind of make out what she's saying - I might try to transcribe it later). Some of the anime is also shown (I spot Noradz when they start talking about Filli). It's on the same yellow button as the first preview, next to the 2007. Look for エミリー・ロッダさんからみんなへ ("From Emily Rodda, to everyone").

Last of all, there's a summary up for the first episode. Unfortunately, my Japanese isn't good enough to translate it. |D;

Eeeee, the anime starts airing this Saturday!

Edit: Okay, here's the best translation I can offer for now.

Episode 1: Lief goes on an adventure

Deltora, the kingdom covered in darkness by the Shadow Lord. 16 years have passed since the Shadowlord hid the seven gems in seven terrible places. In the City of Del, a boy has been raised with a strong sense of justice. [Something about the palace of Del and livelihood] is the only son of Jarred the blacksmith, Lief. On his 16th birthday, Lief receives a gemless Belt of Deltora and sword from his father Jarred, and a cloak from his mother Anna. With his father's will, he and Barda set off.

So it looks this'll be more of an introduction and they might not even have reached the Forests of Silence yet.

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Dec. 9th, 2006 09:18 pm
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Yo folks! I figured it was about time Deltora Quest got its own fan community, even if the fandom is rather small. However, what with the upcoming anime on January 6th and all, who knows? It might just grow.

And speaking of the anime, there's a trailer out now - for the Japanese-illiterate, click the yellow button to the left of Lief to have a look at animated scenes of The Forests of Silence.

Still sprucing things up, but if someone could make a pretty icon for the comm, I would be most grateful. If not, oh well. Have fun! :D

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