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There's a new opening and a third ending now:

OP: 僕の太陽 by AKB48 (romaji: boku no taiyou)
ED: Go To Fly by Sunbrain

The anime is up to episode 30 this weekend; we are finally introduced to the Ols.

I also found a short, 15-sec trailer for the DS game and there are a number of pictures available at RPGamer (under Media). The character designs are similar to the anime, but also rather different.

And finally: the website for the card game, if you want to poke around.

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Apr. 3rd, 2007 08:10 pm
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In case people haven't noticed, I've decided that any downloads from now on must be Friends Locked. This applies to episodes, music, manga, whatever comes along - basically. The decision was made after quite some debate, but I believe it's better just to be safe.

On a lighter note! I realised that I posted some news that probably shouldn't have ended up in a F-locked post, but did. There's a Deltora Quest DS game in production! The graphics look somewhat "old-fashioned" in my opinion. According to this article, the entire game will be controlled by stylus, which should prove to be interesting.

I had a inkling from the anime eyecatches, and it seems it's true: scroll down this page and see the card game.

And finally, Emily Rodda's website has updated with a page about the anime. =D

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