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Mixt ([personal profile] mitbix) wrote in [community profile] deltoraquest 2010-04-09 01:58 am (UTC)

Oh, is it? My bad. D: Maybe with luck, it'll show up on Youtube sometime. :(

Well for me, the dubbing process bothers me because I question the decisions that are made: I can understand editing out blood or knocked-out teeth, but changing/adding music seems silly to me? Adding dialogue over long moments of silence or editing them to make them shorter always bothered me too, because it always stank of "oh noes! silence means the kids will get bored and change the channel!" nevermind that silence can build suspense.

Dubs for "adult" anime have always seemed better to me because they never worry about that and all they'd change would be the language of the dialogue.

[... cleans up after self] >.> <.<

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