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Mixt ([personal profile] mitbix) wrote in [community profile] deltoraquest2007-06-14 10:35 pm
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This popped up in the comments somewhere by a non-LJ user, so - and I hope the original poster doesn't mind - I'm reposting it here so that everyone can see and maybe help.


My daughter's a fan

She wants me to make her a Jasmine costume for Book week (end of next term)

Was hoping to

a/ find someone I could discuss some critical elements of the cosutme


b/ fan pictures so she & I could use for reference.

rather than leave my e-mail here - I've put the link for the yahoo questions where I ask for info. Hope it's OK.;_ylt=AoAia6hQUDKjQlqw838r_Bfh5gt.?qid=20070612035217AAhSwcW

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