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Deltora Quest

"...of monsters and magic..."

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Created on 2012-12-14 11:03:06 (#1852097), last updated 2012-12-14 (252 weeks ago)

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Name:Deltora Quest
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diamond for purity and strength
emerald for honour
lapis lazuli for good fortune
topaz for faith
opal for hope
ruby for happiness
amethyst for truth


Welcome to the Deltora Quest fan community, for discussing all that is related to this series by Emily Rodda, currently available in three series of books, with adaptations in manga, anime, a video game and probably a couple more. For more info about it, here's the Wikipedia article.

The rules are simple:
  • Treat other members with courtesy.
  • Use proper English e.g. don't have entire posts written in L33T or entirely in caplocks, pay attention to your punctuation and so on. And please, fix your HTML tags if they go wrong.
  • Try to keep things related to Deltora.
  • Cut artworks, stories and long posts to save space on people's Friends pages. Also cut spoilers or put a warning in your post.
  • Downloads must be Friends Locked. This includes episodes, mp3s and the like.


PLEASE NOTE: Now that this community has been moved over to Dreamwidth from LiveJournal, please let me know if you might be interested in taking over as admin/moderator!

Interests (69):

amethyst, animanga, anime, barda, belt of deltora, books, capra, city of the rats, codes, d'or, del, deltora, deltora quest, deltora shadowlands, diamond, doom of the hills, doran the dragonlover, dragon's nest, dragonfriend, dragons, dragons of deltora, dread mountain, emerald, emily rodda, endon, filli, forests of silence, four sisters, glus, gorl, grey guards, isle of the dead, jarred, jasmine, jennifer rowe, josef, kin, kree, lake of tears, land of dragons, lapis lazuli, lief, makoto niwano, manga, marc mcbride, masked ones, maze of the beast, niwano makoto, opal, oriental light and magic, pirra, pirran pipe, puzzles, raladin, riddles, ruby, scholastic, shadow lord, shadowgate, shadowlands, shifting sands, tales of deltora, tenna birdsong tales, thaegan, topaz, tora, valley of the lost, vraal, デルトラクエスト
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