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Chances are, those who really want to might have seen these already, but...

The anime has apparently been out in Italy since the third of March. Someone was kind enough to post the opening and ending they got over there. (I may be showing my age here, but... when 4Kids Entertainment's dub openings had less generic-sounding music than a current production, something is wrong. Not that it isn't catchy generic-sounding music, but ... the music and voice cast were what kept me watching the anime. This doesn't bode well for the rest of the soundtrack!) The editing on both is quite neatly done, I'll give them that!

But what caught my eye was the text over the ending that got posted...

Is Italy seriously getting the English dub for some reason, or did they just not bother to credit whoever was involved in importing it there? Or was the person who posted this mistaken about what ending they'd gotten their hands on?

It's three AM, I think that's the only reason I'm so bothered by this.

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