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Title: Summertime
Characters: Lief and Jasmine
Rating: Suggestive G? It's Lief and Jasmine, all right? It's possible because it's them.
Wordcount: 100 exactly.
Spoilers: None!
Summary: Hot days make clothing impractical.

"On days like this, when I lived in the forests," Jasmine said, pulling sweat-soaked hair back from her shoulders and neck, "I would not wear clothes, and I would not do much other than sleep." She tied her hair in a loose knot, and sprawled inelegantly in Lief's armchair.

He smiled, turning from his desk to face her. "That sounds like a wonderful idea," he said, already reaching down to peel off his sweat-soaked shirt. "I cannot lie - I may have to steal it from you."

Her hands touched his bare chest as his shirt hit the floor. "I hardly mind."