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I had been watching the subs of Deltora Quest when it first came out a few years back and recently I came upon it on tv dubbed. So I was watching it there but it has started over to the beggining so I figured the rest wasn't dubbed yet and I could find it online. But I can't seem to find anything beyond 27 subbed. I went to animecrazy but they had it without subtitles

Though I'd still watch the dubs on TV it's always entertaining to see what they do with it does anyone know anywhere it's subbed?

If anyone knows it would be really appreciated <3~ thanks!
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I haven't been keeping track of the episodes that have been airing in Australia at all, but it appears that broadcasts are up to 12 episodes now. Cartoon Network seems to require logging in now to view the videos, which is strange because they worked fine for me without having to do that when it first started. \o_O/ Glancing at some of the titles though, I'm actually a bit impressed that they decided to keep them about the same as the original Japanese (probably because they're so straightforward and Deltora Quest isn't really one for making puns out of).

Also I only just noticed that they have summaries up to episode 52. This is interesting, considering in the anime's original run, there followed 10 extra filler episodes. Could it be the dubbers decided to cut them out? We'll see in about a year or two, I suppose. |D;

By the way, if you're still interested in watching DQ in Japanese with subs, AnimeCrazy.net appears to have them available for streaming online up to episode 26.

Edit: I almost forgot: the anime is set to air in the U.S. in the future as well.

Edit II: And there is a Deltora Quest wikia now!
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Dats just released episode 1 (subbed)- click
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Looks like DATS, are planning to sub Deltora quest. They released a subbed opening,closing and planning to release episode 1 in a few days.
here's the torrent

There's also direct downloads on the forum, under releases.

srry, for the back-to-back post.

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