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The anime has apparently been out in Italy since the third of March. Someone was kind enough to post the opening and ending they got over there. (I may be showing my age here, but... when 4Kids Entertainment's dub openings had less generic-sounding music than a current production, something is wrong. Not that it isn't catchy generic-sounding music, but ... the music and voice cast were what kept me watching the anime. This doesn't bode well for the rest of the soundtrack!) The editing on both is quite neatly done, I'll give them that!

But what caught my eye was the text over the ending that got posted...

Well, see for yourselves. )
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It's a bit of a pity - not a lot of people seem interested in the anime. When it first started, I saw a lot of people write it off as being too much like Lord of the Rings or Zelda. And here we are, over a year later!

There's now a third opening, which, much to my amusement and surprise, is In This Life by Delta Goodrem. Not too fond of this song myself (it's on the radio WAY too much, among other things), but I guess a song by an Australian for an anime based on a series by an Australian writer is ... something! Anyway, technically this "version" is called In This Life~旅立ちまでの3ステップ (romaji: tabidachi made no 3 step) which translates to something like "three steps to setting off", I think.

While this opening isn't as upbeat or action-packed as the others, the animation is still very beautiful.

Tomorrow's episode is episode 56, which according to Wikipedia is supposed to be the last one. ("A 56 part Deltora Quest anime series of the first 8 books is currently in production in Japan ..."), but I dunno. It looks very ... filler. Maybe they're going to do more episodes? I'd love it if they continued on to do the other two book series.
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There's a new opening and a third ending now:

OP: 僕の太陽 by AKB48 (romaji: boku no taiyou)
ED: Go To Fly by Sunbrain

The anime is up to episode 30 this weekend; we are finally introduced to the Ols.

I also found a short, 15-sec trailer for the DS game and there are a number of pictures available at RPGamer (under Media). The character designs are similar to the anime, but also rather different.

And finally: the website for the card game, if you want to poke around.
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The anime has a new ending:

Hey Now!! by COOLON

It's all in chibi animation, light and upbeat, and in my opinion? Very, very cute. The single will be out at the end of the month.

Update storywise: tomorrow is episode 18, and will be Jasmine vs. Doom Joker during the Rithmere Games. A number of characters have already been introduced by now, and since Anime News Network seems to not be updating their Deltora page, expect a list of seiyuu/voice actors in the next month or so (unless someone else is willing to do it...?)

Edit: The first DVD will be out on the 23rd!
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Looks like DATS, are planning to sub Deltora quest. They released a subbed opening,closing and planning to release episode 1 in a few days.
here's the torrent

There's also direct downloads on the forum, under releases.

srry, for the back-to-back post.
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Two updates in a row! (Sorry for the spamming.) We can't get the episode yet, but some kind person uploaded the opening and ending to Youtube.

ED: 桜唄 by RYTHEM (romaji: sakura uta)

Quality isn't all that good, but the sound is okay and I think the songs are nice. Plus the opening reveals even more characters, such as Thaegan and her brood, the D'Or, and is that Doom I see?

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