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Been digging around looking for info about when exactly Deltora Quest will be showing, and it looks like they've moved it to May 1st. ABC will also be showing it at the end of the year.

In the meantime! I do believe the first and second episodes are up for online viewing at the official website. Unfortunately, it has been through the usual kiddie anime dubbing process so the musics been changed and stuffs been cut out. This probably means we won't get Delta Goodrem singing one of the openings later ... Not sure how to feel about that.

If you're with Foxtel, apparently you can download the first episode here.

The first DVD will also be available via Madman in June. However, it seems unlikely it will come with the Japanese language track, soooo I'm wondering why they bothered officially subbing it for SMASH! last year. :\a

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Yeah, at first I wasn't quite sure, but I found myself liking Jasmine's voice by the end. Her banter was funny too.
Dunno what else her voice actor has done though.

Yep, I'm in the US too.

Heh heh, cute icon. Someone just got kissed by Neridah... XD

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Whoever she is, she's got Jasmine's attitude down! ("Laura Rushfeldt", according to the credits - given the IMDB listing for that name has no voice work, I'm wondering if that's not a non-union-work pseudonym for somebody else. I swear she sounds like Laura Bailey.) This voice cast is turning out way better than I'd expected.

I can't lie - Neridah sticking around is one of the things I really like about the anime. And that entire scene after she kissed him was just great. ("Why are you smiling like a pervert?!" &c.)