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Mixt ([personal profile] mitbix) wrote in [community profile] deltoraquest2007-01-07 12:35 am
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anime debut, yahoo!

The Deltora Quest anime began today! Er, yesterday! Although, according to the TV Aichi site, they're changing the schedule to 11:30 on Sunday (in the morning, I'm assuming, since it's more kids orientated).

Meanwhile though, the preview for the next episode is up, and it's titled The Maiden of the Forest, Jasmine. They've also provided voice actors, and it seems that they're going to provide voices for the trees after all.

The characters page has also been updated with profiles and pictures for Jarred, Anna, the Shadow Lord and Fallow.

It also seems like the website is going to be posting bits from "The Belt of Deltora", possibly as they pop up in the anime as a bit of added trivia.

Last of all: I've been trying Google to see if anyone is planning to fansub Deltora Quest and it looks like there's a possibility that DATS may be picking it up. They actually subbed the first preview for the anime, if you're still curious to know what was being said.